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Metal and Glass Absinthe Fountains are usually more expensive than all glass versions as they are hand-made and difficult to manufacture. They are however much more beautiful and ornate. When not in use, any absinthe fountain will make a gorgeous addition to the decor of any room. Due to their solid and sturdy construction, metal and glass fountains are heavier and more difficult to transport. The metal and glass versions are available in different spout styles (1, 2, 4 and 6 spout) but anything other than 2 and 4 spout styles are difficult to find and may need to be special ordered. One nice thing about this style is you can get them in Silver or Gold Plate but expect to pay a higher price for the premium finishes. 

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Borosilicate glass is the best of both worlds. It is very light weight and extremely resistant to thermal variances, bumps and jolts. For traveling, an all glass Absinthe fountain is best. Picture a little 2 spout that you can wrap in a towel and tuck in a suitcase for your away from home absinthe adventures. This style has the ability to alter the drip rate for your absinthe from 1 drop per second to a full stream. This is one of the reasons experienced absinthe drinkers prefer this style fountain. 

As they are mouth blown and completely made of glass, very beautiful and one of a kind designs are easily produced. At right is a very unique borosilicate all glass fountain. NOTE: Use caution. Some sellers on Ebay and Amazon claim their fountains to be Borosilicate but are actually soda-lime glass.

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The all glass style Absinthe Fountains are much lighter and more portable than the metal and glass Absinthe Fountains. They come in any number of spout styles (1, 2, 4 and 6 spout) and require very little to no maintenance. They are also less expensive than the Metal & Glass Style fountain.

Some people are afraid to buy an all glass fountain fearing it will be easily broken. This is not true of glass fountains made correctly and of the proper glass. An all glass absinthe fountain should be made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate Glass is the same glass used to make laboratory glassware. 

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So, you decided to start drinking and serving your absinthe like the "Big Boys" and you're going to buy your first Absinthe Fountain. You have been thinking about it for some time and already know your Absinthe Fountain will be the centerpiece and most important part of your absinthe collection (and also the most expensive). The many different types and styles available can make it a difficult to choose the type of fountain that is best for you. Here, we help you discover the importance of the subtle nuances and distinctions that separate the Different Types of Absinthe Fountains. Specifically, all glass fountains or metal and glass fountains.

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Polishing may be required depending on the finish you choose and if you want your new absinthe fountain to stay looking new. Some absinthe drinkers like their absinthe ware to age and take on a patina and thus avoid the polishing process. Any time you polish metal, use the least abrasive product you can find. I recommend "Tarn-X" brand "Silver Glaze". It has almost no abrasive qualities and leaves a protective finish on the metal. At left is a gorgeous Bistro Absinthe Fountain. 

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There is a new, all glass absinthe fountain that has recently become available. It is very inexpensive but not of the best quality. They are basically a throw-away version of the all glass absinthe fountain and are easily found on Ebay and Amazon. If you are looking for something to use for mixing absinthe on a temporary basis, this would be the way to go. However, if you are purchasing any absinthe collectible you want to keep, I suggest spending a few dollars on a piece that not only looks nice but will work dependably for years.

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